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2360 Highway 31 North
Deatsville, AL   36022

Phone Icon 334-387-1910 Fax Icon 334-387-1920

MHS Phone Extensions
MHS Phone Extensions
 Office Staff Link to Emal Position Extension
Lyman Woodfin Principal     29004 
Bill Harrison  Assistant Principal     29004 
Donna Miley  Bookkeeper    29003
Amy Albritton  Secretary    29004
   Office Aide    29005
Kimberley Hicks  9th and 11th Grades Counselor     29006
Brenda Holder  10th and 12th Grades Counselor 29015
Melissa Beeson  Media Center/Technology/Yearbook/Cheer    29010
Jimmy Lansdell  Athletic Director    29011
Reginald Brown  Gym Office B    29013
   Gym Office A    29012
Susanne Winningham ACCESS Facilitator    29016
Gina Moore  Lunchroom    29025
David Simpson  Band    29030
Gina Smith  Nurse    29040
Eric Jerkins Security and Attendance Officer    26011
  Teacher Workroom A    29041
  Teacher Workroom C    29042