Marbury High School Technology Envelope Fundraiser
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Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Technology Fundraiser Extended
Technology Fundraiser Extended
Deadline Extended!!!!!

Marbury High School needs your help! The new school is now 7 years old. The technology is outdated and needs to be upgraded. However, the responsibility for the costs fall on the school. The Marbury High School Alumni Association has done a fabulous job of raising money to go toward technology purchases. However, given the cost of the items and the amount of items we need, more money is required.


We have come up with an idea for the community to donate money without you having to purchase anything. We are holding an "Envelope Fundraiser."


We have 150 boxes that represent an amount to donate (blacked out boxes are amounts already taken or donated). Email Ms. Beeson at melissa.beeson@acboe.net to let her know what box amount you are willing to donate and mail to the school at 2360 U.S. Highway 31 North, Deatsville, AL 36022, or drop off at the school before 1 PM each day. The fundraiser is extended until Monday, December 18, 2017. 


We are hoping to get businesses involved as well or other organizations. $150 is a large amount for one person. However, an organization may take it and have several of its members donate $5.00 a piece to put in the envelope and collect $150.00 total.


Anyone who would like to donate can come by the media center between 7:45 AM and 12:45 PM each day. He or she will pick up an envelope with the amount they feel comfortable donating. They will write down their contact information and take the envelope to fill it and return it no later than 1PM on November 30, 2017.


If we have every envelope taken and filled, the amount raised will be around $11,325.00.


We need to pay for our library software (required by state to have it in place-- it is $1042.50 a year)


Cost of Projector- $449 a piece. We have replaced most, but we still have 9 that could go out at any moment.


Cost of Desktop computer (needed through entire school)- $550.79


The main priority is the library software, projectors, and desktop computers.


The fundraiser will start on November 1st and run through November 30th.

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