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2018 MHS Mid-Term Exam Schedule
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Monday, December 03, 2018
Midterm Exam Schedule
Midterm Exam Schedule

Here is the MidTerm Exam Schedule!

●Students are not allowed to leave a class to take their next exam early. They are not allowed to take exams early. 

Students may check out after exams. One note will suffice for all week. 

o Monday, December 17th: 
 Exams: 1st and 3rd Period (Regular Schedule) 
 Those who do not check out after 3rd period

o Tuesday, December 18th: 
 2nd, 4th, and 6th period exams
 Students will report to Bulldog period after 6th period exam if they don't check out (Regular schedule)

o Wednesday, December 19th: 
 5th Period Exam (During 1st Period- 8-9:25)
 7th Period Exam (During 3rd Period – 9:35-11:15) 
 Report to 1st and 3rd at end of day if you don't check out

o Thursday: December 20th: 
 Make-Up Exams (MUST have a doctor’s excuse or prior approval

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