Curriculum Recovery

MHS Curriculum Recovery Guidelines

Curriculum Recovery Start Date: March 24, 2021

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN (Click on form link below to register)

Last Day to Register: March 21, 2021

· Registration form available on the MHS Website (registration now closed).

· Ms. Berry will be assigning students to the tutoring teacher.

· Each teacher will have a student count capped at 15 students.

· Tutoring teachers will be contacting the students to inform them of their tutoring schedule.

· All students registered will be required to attend in-person sessions.

· The supervisory teacher will take attendance and tardy students will not be allowed to enter.

· Students can only make up standards for classes that occurred during the 1st semester.  All work must be completed accurately, with a passing score, and on-site in order to earn a passing 60% for 1st semester.

· Students and parents must understand that this does not apply to 2nd semester.

· If a student is failing 2nd semester this process will not work for them. Failing students will need to consider other options at the end of the year. (Summer School)

· Students are only allowed to recover standards for one class at a time. If a student needs multiple courses they must complete the 1st course assigned before beginning the next.

Registration: The deadline has passed for registration.  

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Student Health Information

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