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Free DMV Practice Tests

FreeDMVpracticeTests.com was started in Sept. 2009, and since then we've helped over 10,000,000 people pass their written driver's license test. We currently average 350,000 - 500,000 users on our site a month. A large majority of which teens looking to get the learners permit. 

Why link to us? Many others practice tests websites/cheat sheet websites claim to offer the exact questions and answers as provided on the real tests and while this is great to help pass the test, we don’t believe it promotes the true sense of responsibility driving is. There's no cheat to driving safely. So we’ve designed our practice tests to help ensure new drivers understand the material. We've written our own questions and have covered every section of every state's driver handbook. In total, we have over 20,000 practice test questions on our site. This we believe makes us a better resource than our competitors, and we need help getting the word out.