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Welcome to the Allen P. Woodfin Library Media Center!

We believe that the Media Center is the heart of the total learning program of Marbury High School, in that it helps implement, support, and enrich the educational program of the school. 



Please feel free to look around our webpage! I hope you find the resources you need for your academic success! 

Go Bulldogs!

-Ms. Beeson

Student User Agreement Form

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Media Center Objectives:

 1. To be able to provide students and teachers with the library materials and services that are appropriate and meaningful in their growth and development as individuals and to prepare them to be productive citizens in college and in the workforce.

 2. To be able to help students and teachers become skillful and discriminating users of the Media Center.

 3. To be able to help students and teachers become aware of the ethical use of research materials; teaching them about copyright and how to correctly cite sources to prevent plagiarism.

 4. To be able to help give students access to technology resources to help prepare students for the workforce.


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the Nurses' Offices location in the media center, the MHS Library Media Center is closed to students with the exception of ACCESS, Dual Enrollment, and Yearbook students who meet in here for their class. However, we DO encourage our students to use the Online Google Book Delivery Request form above to request books to check out. We will deliver the book to the student!  Our computer labs have been moved this year as well. We will have a Google Sign up for (above) for teachers to sign up to use the labs whenever they are available.) 


  •  Students were given the Autauga County Internet Permission Use Form at the beginning of the year. If he/she has not returned it, they will not be allowed to use a computer at school. You can access these code of conduct forms here: 2020-2021 ACBOE Code of Conduct Forms
  • If a student has not turned in the Library Media Center User Agreement Form signed by his/her parent (see forms on this page), he or she may not be allowed to check out books. Please turn this form in so that your student has full access to the materials available to them for their academic success. 

    Thank You and Go Bulldogs! 
Ms. Melissa Beeson

Ms. Melissa L. Beeson

Media Specialist/Technology Coordinator/ACCESS Facilitator/Yearbook Sponsor/Social Media Coordinator

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334-387-1910 ext. 29010 


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